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Tired of car phone mounts that block your vents, fall off your windshield, or just don't work? The Wedgy is here to help!

The Wedgy fits snugly in the gaps between most car's dash panels, so it goes where you need it. It's small, stylish, and easy to use one-handed with it's magnetic head.

Drive more safely and never fumble with your phone again, get a Wedgy! 





  • Magnetic Plate - For the best hold, attach one of the included magnetic plates to the back of your phone or the back (outside) of your phone case.


  • Install Vertically - In most cars, the Wedgy works best with the fin in the vertical orientation, although in some cases, horizontal is better
  • Trim the Fin - You can trim the fin of your Wedgy with scissors to make it thinner or shorter and better fit your specific car
  • Stabilizing Foam Pads - If your Wedgy is wobbly, attach the included thick foam tape to the underside of the Wedgy base tabs
  • Gap Tape - Fold the include thin adhesive tape over the edge of the Wedgy base fin if your car's gaps are too large to securely hold the Wedgy
  • Versatile Ball Joint - 17mm diameter ball joint is compatible with many other ball and socket type car phone mounts on the market, so you can mix and match!


    • Fits most cars - Full refund guarantee!
    • Wedges into seams between dash panels
    • Versatile placement options
    • Works with most phones (limited MagSafe and wireless charging compatibility)
    • Won't block your vents
    • Won't fail like suction cups or adhesive mounts in the hot sun
    • Unique design unlike any other car mount
    • Designed in the U.S.A by Gizmatic
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